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Criterim Racing

The Gold Coast Cycling Club main series – JAKROO Wednesday Worlds – is run over the Summer, (October – March) when there is enough light to race on a Wednesday evening. This caters for all abilities of riders with 5 different grades (A-E) to ensure you get a good race, race registration is done online, check the calendar for dates, times and which circuit we are racing at. Make sure you register online and enjoy a Wednesday!

Sunday criterium racing is also run through the year, generally with 4 grades (A-D) check the calendar for dates, times and circuit, get registered and spice up your weekend with a race!

Road Racing

The Darren Smith Classic race is our big road race event of the year.

Time Trial

Time Trial racing and training sessions are a great way to test your strength on the bike, and we hold handicap TT racing so that everyone is in with a chance to win – the best way to win is to beat your previous Personal Best time!

A riders 10 Mile Time Trial Handicap is currently devised using the following method: best time in the last 12 months and subtract 20mins. Then subtract another 5%. If the best time was 25:00 then the handicap would be calculated:
25:00 – 20:00 = 5:00
5:00 – 5% = 4:45

If the rider has less than 4 sessions recorded they loose another 12.5% for each less than 4. If the rider whose handicap we calculated above had only completed 2 sessions then we would subtract 25% of the handicap.
4:45 – 25% = 3:33

On the day of the handicap if the rider posted a time of 24:35 then their handicap time would be 21:02.
24:35 – 3:33 = 21:02

There is also a 10 Mile Leaderboard, times set during 10 Mile training and racing sessions count toward your best time on the leaderboard for a 12 month period.