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Club Policy


Club Constitution Link: GCCC Constitution

MC = Management Committee
The Club = Gold Coast Cycling Club Inc.

Member Conduct
All members of the Gold Coast Cycling Club and holders of Cycling Australia (CA) licences agree to abide by CA’s Code of Conduct. This is a set of rules outlining the behaviour expected from athletes, coaches, managers, officials, commissaires and other support staff.

The full Code of Conduct can be found at http://www.cycling.org.au/Home/About-CA/Rules-and-Policies. The main points with regards to how members are to conduct themselves during training and racing within the Gold Coast Cycling Club are summarised as follows:
• Show respect for others and their property. Consider other people’s physical and emotional well-being and possessions.
• The Club is to be an environment free of harassment, without any hostility, intimidation or offensive language and behaviour. Do not harass anyone.
• Treat everyone equally regardless of gender, ethnic origin or religion. Do not discriminate.
• Sledging of anyone is unacceptable.
• The consumption or use of banned substances is unacceptable.

Be Respectful Be Safe

For further details of CA’s Anti-Doping and Member Protection policies, also follow the link provided above.

The Gold Coast Cycling Club is a home for all athletes to train and race in a safe and respectful environment. We want you to have fun, make friends, and feel comfortable.


Social Media
All members are expected to adhere to the CA Code of Conduct, CQ Social Media Policy and the Club Communication Policy (attached).

Members of the MC are not responsible for the posting of the results or activities of general members on the Club website or social media (excluding personal/family posts). This excludes the results of international riders and championship events.

It has been decided that dedicated Club volunteers will no longer be attempting to post the results of all of its members. Attempting to monitor and record the results of our junior, elite and masters members competing in international, national, championship and open events places too great a burden on just of couple of members.
It is important, however, to broadcast member’s results in racing and deeds in training regardless of their level, as it a great way of developing a sense unity within the Club. The Club, therefore, encourages all members, both parents and our adult Facebook followers, to let us know how your child or yourself fared in a weekend Open or Club event.


Working with Children Permits (Blue / Exemption Cards)
It is the policy of the Club that in compliance with any government, CQ, CA or ASC regulations relating to adults working with children, all club coaches, commissaries and members of the MC must obtain and maintain a valid a Blue Card or Exemption Card as accredited by the Qld State Government.


Club Financial Support
When making determinations regarding the level of support, for those members who have requested support, the MC shall take into account whether or not a member has a sponsor.

Funding priority should be provided to those members who do not have an individual sponsor and consistently wear the club uniform at Open events.

If a member, requesting support to attend a road event (championship event) has a sponsor and consistently wears the sponsor’s uniform at Open events then it is assumed that the sponsor will also provide financial support to their rider to attend the nominated event. The MC may, however, choose to support a sponsored member if the Club’s finances have a strong positive balance and non-sponsored members have been already been assisted. The MC may also provide support to a sponsored member at a rate different to that of a non-sponsored member.

This policy is to be applied in general for those members seeking support to attend road events. Those members who have been selected to represent Queensland at National Track Championships should still be considered regardless of sponsorship due to the nature of the representation.

Members must request support from the Club by writing, outlining the details of the event and associated costs.


Club Uniform (Sponsored Uniform Approval)
It is the policy of the Club that all members must adhere to any regulations as laid out by CQ and CA in regards to the wearing of cycling apparel in racing events.

Members seeking CQ Sponsored Uniform Approval should submit a brief outline of how their sponsor intends to support the member throughout the year in addition to the CQ form.

In addition to this it is Club policy that members up to and including U15 will not be permitted to wear a sponsor’s uniform at Open events. Juniors U15 must wear the Club uniform at Open events. It follows that Juniors U15 will not have a Sponsored Uniform Form approved by the MC.

Special rules relating Juniors U17 apply to the State Club Team Time Trial Championships.

This policy has been adopted in order to encourage a stronger sense of club loyalty and club identity amongst the Club’s younger members.


State Club Team Time Trial Championships – Entry & Uniform
1. All juniors under 17, regardless of their arrangement with a sponsor, will be required to wear Club kit. The Club will arrange and pay for their entry. Junior teams will be formed by the Club coaches following a criteria based on results, times and training attendance. Sponsorship arrangements will have no impact on team composition. Coach’s decision is final.
2. Adult teams, U19 and older, will be required to wear Club kit and the Club will arrange and pay for their entry.
3. Adult teams, U19 and older, that have a single major sponsor that has been pre-approved and CQ registered, will be allowed to wear the approved sponsor’s kit. All riders in the team must wear identical kit. The sponsor will arrange and pay the entry of the team.

Observers: The Club will arrange observers for junior teams with the assistance of parents and volunteers. All adult teams will need to arrange their own observers.


Championship Event Volunteers
It is the policy of the Club that it is not the responsibility of members of the MC to ensure that members who have entered a Championship event comply with any rules relating to the nomination of a club volunteer to the event. This includes the nomination of volunteers or acting in the role of a volunteer for other members (unless the MC member volunteers to assume the role).
The MC may take responsibility for volunteers required at the State Team Time Trial Championships.


Club Equipment Hire & Access to Nerang Facilities
It is the policy of the Club that only the MC, club coaches and designated members may access club equipment. This includes all items stored at the Nerang Cycle Centre and the club trailer.

Club owned bicycles and training aides are to be hired to members only, following the completion of the correct paperwork and under the supervision of the club coaches or relevant MC members.

Club Motorbikes – Following approval by the MC, club motorbikes may be used by persons outside the Club or for events not conducted by the Club.