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Darren Smith Classic 2020

The Darren Smith Classic is heading back to the open road with one of the most exciting, dynamic metropolitan road circuits in Australia and this year it is part of the

For the past 26 years, in memory of Olympic cyclist, Darren Smith, who was tragically killed in a cycling accident in 1992, the Gold Coast Cycling Club has been successfully hosting the annual Darren Smith Classic. As one of Queensland’s leading cycling clubs, we are pleased to announce that this year’s event has been taken to a whole new level. Working with SEQ Water, the Darren Smith Classic has been given sole access to the service roads of the Hinze Dam complex allowing an undulating 12.2km circuit to be completed through a stunning hinterland setting. 

For entries please follow the link to the CQ: http://qld.cycling.org.au/Events/Events-Calendar




Division Categories Distance Laps Number of times climbing the
Dam Wall*
Start Time
Div 3

Men Masters B
Men U17

73km 6 5 7.30am
Div 4

 Men Masters C/D
Women  C/D
Men U15
Women U15

49km 4 3 7.35am
Div 1

Men Elite A/B
Men Masters A

110km 9 8  9.45am
Div 2

Men Elite C
Women A/B
Women U17 

73km 6 5 9.50am

*Race will be neutral first time climbing and descending the dam wall

A KOM prize will be presented to the most consistent rider of the wall.

Entry Fee
Division 1: $80
Division 2&3: $70
Division 4: $60

Entries close: Midnight 21/07/2019

Late entries will incur a $20 late fee

Separate money for sub categories in each division – total pool = $5000

Equal prize money Elite A Women and Men

All race divisions limited to 70 riders

Presentations to follow each division finish.

Parking, registration and race finishes will take place in the park below the dam wall. Races will be started following the race briefing at the top of the dam wall. 

Volunteers: The Club is looking for anyone who would like to volunteer as a convoy driver or as a course marshall. If this is something you are interested in, please contact the club on: info@goldcoastcyclingclub.com.au


For more information about this event please contact the Race Director, Chris Thompson: info@cyclesense.com.au 

Please support our sponsors:

Cr. Glenn Tozer Division 9 –
Mudgeeraba & the Gold Coast Hinterland


The Darren Smith Classic 2019 is supported by:

Dear Darren Smith Classic 2019 Entrant,

Thanks for entering the Darren Smith Classic 2019. We are very excited about our new circuit and we hope you enjoy the challenge! Please read these instructions carefully.

Start Times:
Div 3 – 7:30am
Div 4 – 7:35am
Div 1 – 9:45am
Div 2 – 9:50am

Key Personnel:
Race Director: Chris Thompson
Chief Commissaire: Cathy Reardon
Club President (Promoter): Dom Verstreken

Expected Time Span for the event: 6:30am – 1:00pm. The setup team will be onsite from 5:00am.

Projected Schedule:
05:00   Setup Team on site
06:30   Commissaires & volunteers on site (convoy assemble)
06:40   Registration opens
06:45   Volunteer (Course Marshals & Convoy Drivers) briefing
06:55   Commissaire briefing
07:20   Division 3 & 4 rider briefing
07:30   Division 3 depart
07:35   Division 4 depart
09:30   Division 1 & 2 rider briefing
09:40   Convoys reassembled
09:45   Division 1 depart
09:50   Division 2 depart
10:00   Presentations: Division 3 & 4
12:15   Presentations: Division 2
13:00   Presentations: Division 1
13:10   Pack up

Parking & Registration:
Please see the attached map for competitor and spectator car parking. This carpark is the overflow carpark of the dam authority and will allow you to park close to the start/finish without having to come into the finish straight. There is a path that winds through to the start/finish area. The carpark adjacent to the finish line will be reserved for volunteers and commissaires.

Please note we have moved the registration desk down near the start finish line. Please use the path provided and avoid riding or walking on the race circuit.  At the registration desk we will collect your CA licence and issue your transponder and two race numbers. Once you are ready to race, please make your way down to the rider briefing area. once you have completed your race you may keep your numbers as a souvenir of your experience.  



DIV 3 

DIV 4 


Registration closes 15 minutes prior to each race start.

Food & Drinks:
Please be aware that the Club is NOT running a canteen on the day. We strongly urge you to support the View Café at the top of the dam wall. This café has beautiful views of the surrounding environment and has supported the running of our event. The View Café will also be running a small canteen near the registration, selling drinks and snacks.

There are a number of toilets positioned around the dam facility including two portable toilets in the competitor carpark and permanent toilets near the start/finish zone. Please see the map.

Junior Roll Outs:
Juniors will be required to roll out as per usual. This will take place on the path near the official’s tent in the official’s carpark 20 minutes prior to your race.

We encourage friends and family to come and watch you race, however, it is important that spectators are aware of their surroundings.

The Hinze Dam Complex is considered a secure facility and therefore spectators are not allowed in the secure zone marked by the big black gates towards the bottom of the dam. This includes the (KOM) climb up in the front of the dam wall. A good place to spectate from is from the safety of the top of the dam wall itself.

Also, please be mindful that some of the 12km circuit is comprised of either narrow roads or busy main roads and therefore not conducive to spectators parking on the side of the road.

The Course:
The course is challenging and technical but also fun! Please take into consideration the varied terrain as you are racing. The KOM climb in front of the dam wall involves riding over two concrete culverts – these are easily negotiated when taken with care.

Police vehicles will be present at the front and back of the convoys and organisers will do their best to stretch the protection of the convoy over the greatest distance possible.

Please also note we are asking competitors not to warm up on the race course.

Feed Station for Div 1 will be on Advancetown Rd before the left turn into Spillway Rd and the finish line.

The Start:
Once you have been briefed by Queensland Police and the Chief Commissaire, you will roll out into the secure area under NEUTRAL conditions. You will then begin the climb and for everybody this is the first time riding on these roads. Please stay together, take care and study your surroundings including the placement of the KOM.

Once everyone has reached the top of the climb if the peloton is together then you will begin the descent still under neutral conditions. Again, take care on the descent, as it is safe but technical. Once you exit the bottom gates of the dam facility, when the commissaire is happy, then the race will commence. In other words, your first time up the dam wall climb is under neutral conditions.

The Finish:
When you cross the finish line for the last time you will be directed into the official’s carpark and around to the path that takes you back to the competitor’s carpark. This is to avoid you entering the restricted area unnecessarily or crossing the finish line for a second time.

Presentations and Prizes:
Even though each division is one race, in order to recognise people’s efforts within their categories, we will be placing the first 3 riders in each grade within the division. Presentations will take place at the end of each division.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask by replying to this email or contacting one of the Key Personnel above.

Course Map and Feed and Waste Zone:
This year we will have a dedicated Waste Zone on the climb up Gilston Road. This signed area will be the only place that riders are permitted to dump rubbish during the event. The Feeding Zone is located at the start/finish area at the Hinze Dam Picnic Parkland on Spillway Road extending for 150m. Feeding is only permitted for riders in the Division 1 race.


The climb
The climb close-up
The descent